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We can handle most of your legal needs at Garber Law Office. 

Areas of practice include the following:

Criminal Defense                                                    Foreclosure Defense

Appeals                                                                  Juvenile/Delinquency

                                                                      Arbitration/Mediation                                              Landlord/Tenant                                    

                                                                      Child Abuse                                                            Lawsuits/Disputes

                                                                      Child Custody and Child Support                           Litigation

                                                                      Contracts/Agreements                                            Personal Injury

                                                                      Corporate/Incorporation                                          Slip and Fall/Premises Liability

                                                                      Credit Card Fraud                                                   Violent Crimes

                                                                      Divorce/Separation                                                 Speeding/Traffic tickets

                                                                      Domestic Violence                                                  Wills/Living Wills

                                                                      DUI - Reckless Driving                                            Drug Charges

                                                                      Family Law                                                              Burglary/Theft/Dealing in Stolen Property


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